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Business in Munich

Munich as a business location

The City of Munich and its surrounding districts make up one of Europe’s most dynamic economic regions.

The Munich Mix

Munich’s economic strength and resilience, including in challenging times, has a lot to do with its diverse and well-balanced mix of industries. The high-tech, innovation-focused and cross-sector industries occupy a particularly prominent place.

The diverse mix creates and ensures stability, while the focus on innovation maintains Munich’s competitiveness.

The booming startup scene and attractive labor market draws skilled workers from Germany and abroad to the region.

Munich also enjoys excellent links to other regions and countries, thanks to excellent infrastructure and its location at the heart of Europe.

The outstanding cultural, leisure, and relaxation opportunities are an additional pull factor. It all combines to make Munich equally popular among visitors and inhabitants.

Munich in numbers

million employees


new businesses registered in 2022

Discover Munich's economy

Our M.U.N.I.C.H. film delivers an overview and up-to-date figures on both Munich’s economy and the region as a whole.

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