München Parkstadt Schwabing Blick von Norden auf die Firmen rechts von der A9 und die Highlight Towers

Parkstadt Schwabing and Allach to Freimann

North Munich has the region’s greatest potential for development. While Parkstadt Schwabing, to the north along the A9, already boasts the Highlight Towers (IBM Watson, Fujitsu), Microsoft’s German headquarters, branches of MAN Financial Services, GE Health Care, ASM Osram, and Amazon, as well as the new ARRI premises, other major plans are also in the pipeline. 

A little further north, stretching from Allach in the northwest via Milbertshofen and the Frankfurter Ring all the way to Freimann in the northeast, are particularly large areas with development potential.

The majority of developments and building projects over the coming years are likely to be in the north of the city. 

Districts and plans

Parkstadt Schwabing office district

The former industrial district to the west of the A9 is now home to a diverse and innovative 30-hectare office and business park with a focus on high-tech companies, making it one of the most ambitious public development projects in Munich.

Alongside the offices of renowned tech companies, such as Amazon, ARRI, ASM Osram, Atos, IBM Watson, Fujitsu, MAN Financial Services, GE Healthcare, and Microsoft, there is existing and potential space earmarked for gradual development.

Parkstadt Schwabing is well connected to the public transport system by the tram line 23 (Anni-Albers-Str.) and the U-Bahn line U6 (Alte Heide). Parkstadt Schwabing can be reached by car via the Mittlerer Ring road or the A9 autobahn heading into Munich.

Current project developments:

München Parkstadt Schwabing Blick von Norden auf die Firmen rechts von der A9 und die Highlight Towers

Allach commercial district

This industrial area in the northwest comprises roughly 70 hectares and is situated to the east of the railway tracks (S-Bahn Allach). Two important companies, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Siemens Mobility, are major presences at this expansive location. Since KraussMaffei Technologies moved to the outskirts of Munich it has freed up space in the form of industrial warehouses.

Housing has been built on the former industrial area west of the railway; about one hectare of commercial space has been retained.

Current project development:

FIZ Masterplan

The BMW Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) is the technological heart of the company. Here, to the east of Schleißheimer Straße, major research and development takes place. On the last, roughly 26-hectare section of a former barracks in the north of what was FIZ Nord-Nord, BMW is implementing its FIZ Masterplan. The plan incorporates urban and open space development to help usher in the future of both work and mobility.

 It is slated for completion by 2050. The aim is to incorporate the surrounding commercial site in a conceptual manner and connect it to a new S-Bahn station on the future S-Bahn Nordring line. More on the new FIZ Masterplan (page in German).

Current project development:

Milbertshofen commercial district

Along Moosacher Strasse and to the west and east of Lerchenauer Strasse, an extensive commercial and industrial area of around 160 hectares is being developed at the Olympiapark. The industrial nature of the area is characterized by the BMW Group and Knorr-Bremse, which both have their headquarters here as well as production and R&D facilities.

Some 33 hectares situated to the north of Moosacher Straße and stretching to DB Nordring are part of the City of Munich’s Framework Plan Frankfurter Ring (page in German). The plan is to transform the area into a productive urban district, a process that will entail densification, a strengthening of traditional uses, as well as diversification.

Front des Gewerbehof Nord mit Staudenbeet vor der Fassade mit Vordach

Städtischer Münchner Gewerbehof Nord

To the north of the Knorr-Bremse premises you can find, on Wilhelmine-Reichard-Straße, the city-owned Münchner Gewerbehof Nord, one of nine business parks belonging to the Münchner Gewerbehof- und Technologiezentrumsgesellschaft mbH (MGH). Completed in 2019, the business park provides some 10,000 m² of floor space, a high ceiling load-bearing capacity, dividable rental spaces starting from 40 m², as well as three spacious freight elevators.

Rental space in Munich’s business parks is in constant high demand among SMEs, however tenants come and go so it is always worth inquiring about availability.

You can reach the business park by U-Bahn (U3 and U8) or the Äußerer Ring (Outer Ring road).

Current project developments:

Moosacher Bahnhof commercial district

On an approximately 20-hectare site to the southwest of the train tracks (S-Bahn Moosach Bahnhof) you can find the premises of MEILLER Kipper, a globally active company that manufactures and sells tippers, tipper trailers, and hydraulics systems. Its administrative HQ and production facilities are located here. Alongside this well-known company premises, the area is undergoing development, with plenty of refurbishment and densification.

The former logistics center to the east of the train tracks is also being developed. A 28,000 m2 business quarter is being created here with a modern, diverse mix of production facilities, a business park, offices, and retail spaces. The location is very well connected to the local Moosacher Bahnhof transport hub, from which the U-Bahn line U3, S-Bahn line S1 (towards the airport and Freising), and tram number 20 (towards the inner city) all run.

Current project development:

Firmensitz-Gebäude F.X. Meiller und Umgebung in München Moosach

Freimann commercial district

Freimann’s commercial district, comprising some 75 hectares, is situated to the west of the A9 and south of Heidemannstraße, on the site of a former Deutsche Bahn maintenance center. Among others, BMW Campus, the Messe Munich B2B platform Munich Order Center (MOC), the medical technology manufacturer Livanova, the events hall Zenith, and Motorworld Munich are all located here.

The City of Munich awarded the southern part of the site to third parties as part of its business support policy. Small-scale businesses from various sectors have set up here.

There is still further development potential at the site.

The area is connected to the public transport network by the U-Bahn (U6), and is right beside the A9 autobahn.

Current project developments:

MOC und Umgebung in München Freimann

Das MOC in München Freimann

Frankfurter Ring commercial district

To the north of the Frankfurter Ring is a major, 85-hectare business and industrial area of the same name. This is part of the City of Munich’s Framework Plan Frankfurter Ring, which aims to transform the area into a productive urban district. The process will entail densification, a strengthening of traditional uses, as well as diversification.

With the relocation of the precision forging company Winning BLW, a sustainable site with offices, businesses, and hotels, as well as a high-rise building and square, are slated for successive construction on the approximately six-hectare Frankfurter Ring 227 site.

The competition for ideas and realization for the area ended in November 2023. The architecture and urban planning company UTA from Stuttgart together with bauchplan landscape architects won first prize in the ideas part of the competition. Robertneun architects and Lohrengel Landschaft, both from Berlin, won the realization part.

The site is also home to the city-run Münchner Gewerbehof Frankfurter Ring business park for SMEs and craft businesses.

The district is connected to the public transport network by U-Bahn (U2) and tram (number 23) and can be reached by car via Heidemannstraße and the Frankfurter Ring.

Current project development:


Europark commercial district

The approximately 85-hectare area is bordered by the DB Nordring to the south and is located to the east and west of Ingolstädter Straße. The eastern part of Europark runs along Maria-Probst-Straße. Almost 26 hectares in size, it features various industrial halls and specialist markets.

A structural concept is being developed for the eastern section of the site. The aim is to develop the Europark into a sustainable quarter with a diverse mix of housing and businesses.

Current project development:

Ideenwettbewerb Europan 17, Schrägluftbild Standort München Europark

Ludwigsfelder/Dachauerstr. north-west commercial district

To the southeast of the classification yard Rangierbahnhof München Nord, along Dachauer Straße and south of Ludwigsfelder Straße, is a 46-hectare site with development potential. The area is currently characterized by general and commercial vehicle businesses, companies in the supply and disposal sector, and retailers in the eastern section along Dachauer Straße.

In the area to the south of Ludwigsfelder Straße there are some 14 hectares of space earmarked for future development.

Zeichnung eines Gewerbeblocks mit Geschäften, Büros, Parkplatz

Moosach commercial district

Around 68 hectares of commercial and 13 hectares of multi-purpose space (office use) can be found between Triebstraße and Georg-Brauchle-Ring, along Hanauer Straße.

The northern part of the site is dominated by small-scale companies from the automotive sector. South of Triebstraße and west of Hanauer Straße a mixed-use site is being developed. It will feature total floor space of about 38,000 m², with completion scheduled for the end of 2025. One of Munich’s largest and best-known shopping centers, the OEZ, is located in the direct vicinity.

Further to the south, both above and below Georg-Brauchle-Ring, renowned companies such as Traton Group, E.ON Energy Projects, Adobe Munich, Huawei Technologies, BMW Forschung und Technik, and ORACLE Deutschland have premises. The area also features Munich’s tallest building, the 146-meter-high Uptown München, home to the head office of Telefónica Deutschland.
The Technical University of Munich’s Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, the city utilities company SWM’s Hybrid.M building, which combines a bus station, offices, and SWM-owned apartments, as well as the city-owned IT-Town Hall (IT@M, digital@M) are also all located here.

Weiter südlich, ober- und unterhalb des Georg-Brauchle-Rings, sind namhafte Unternehmen wie die Traton Group, E.ON Energy Projects, Adobe Munich, Huawei Technologies, BMW Forschung und Technik oder ORACLE Deutschland angesiedelt. Mit 146 m steht hier auch das höchste Gebäude Münchens, das Uptown München, mit der Firmenzentrale von Telefónica Deutschland.
Darüber hinaus befindet sich hier auch das Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence der Technischen Universität München, das Hybrid.M der Stadtwerke München, ein Bauwerk das einen Busbetriebshof, Büros und Werkswohnungen der Stadtwerke München vereint sowie das städtische IT-Rathaus (IT@M, digital@M).

Fassade Münchner Technologiezentrum (MTZ)

Last but not least, the Munich Technology Center (MTZ) is a city-owned institution that offers young technology companies modern offices and advice at a 10,000 m² premises, providing an ideal atmosphere and dynamic conditions for growth.

The area is easily accessible with public transport, for example by U-Bahn (U1/U3) and various bus routes (lines 143, 175).

Current project developments:

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Visualisierung des Starnberger Flügelbahnhofs mit Vorplatz

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Mohnblumenwiese vor dem entstehenden Freiham

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Blick im Münchner Werksviertel von Balkon des Werk 3 auf das Werk 12 mit den Großbuchstaben

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Die Bestandsgebäude auf dem ehemaligen Siemens-Gebäude. Das Gelände wird von einem Zaun eingefasst.


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