Coworking Spaces in Munich

A large number of coworking spaces can be found in Munich. Here you can quickly get an overview - by map or list.

List of coworking providers and map

Coworking spaces in Munich are in demand - be it for digital nomads, or for companies as flexible office capacities. Coworking spaces are also a good option for business meetings.

In Munich, the well-known providers of flexible office space - such as Mindspace, Mates, Design Offices or Smartvillage - can be found at numerous locations, including very well-connected in the city center. With some providers, you become a member and can then also use the locations in other cities for work or meetings at no additional cost.

In addition, you will also find many local shared offices in our list, which are suitable, for example, for small companies or also for solo self-employed people.

Karte der Münchner Coworking Spaces

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To help you get an overview, you can download our 30-page info coworking here, which also includes addresses and prices. It is updated regularly (no claim to completeness).