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Companies and commercial space in the city center

Many important companies and organizations are based in the center of Munich. Arnulfpark, near Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), has seen the creation of a new commercial and residential district that provides more than 4,000 jobs. It’s an attractive location, with companies such as Google, Bristol-Myers Squibb, salesforce.com, Cancom, PwC, EY and the startup unicorn Personio based here; major projects from Google and Apple are also taking shape.

The Munich Urban Colab in Freddie-Mercury-Straße is an important accelerator helping Munich to become a smart city. The colab grew out of a joint initiative of UnternehmerTUM and the City of Munich.

Startups, established companies, universities, researchers, and City of Munich employees test innovative solutions in cooperation with citizens to tackle urban challenges.

In addition, Munich’s new, multipurpose Creative Quarter is being developed on the site of the former Luitpold barracks.

Current project developments:

New commercial property and plans

Hauptbahnhof - Starnberger Flügelbahnhof

The “Starnberger Flügelbahnhof” is a new, five-story building that is being constructed along Arnulfstraße. Its 69.90-meter tall south-westerly section will have 17 floors. The new building will contain offices, shops, a discount supermarket, and food outlets. The project is linked to the new Munich Central Station (Münchner Hauptbahnhof), which is being turned into a modern transport hub.

More on the new Munich Central Station (web page in German).

Am Rundfunkplatz (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

After the partial move of Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) to Munich’s Freimann district, the public broadcaster’s 2.4-hectare former main premises on Arnulfstraße is being transformed into a high-quality inner-city quarter with a focus on public use as well as the kind of media-related use typical to the area. For this reason, approval to repurpose the site was granted in 2021.

More on the new plans (page in German).

Bayerischer Rundfunk Hauptbebäude Hochhaus Innenstadt

Schwabing am Nordbad

The former Karstadt department store property on Elisabethstraße by Nordbad is being turned into a multi-purpose building. It will blend into the structure of the surrounding environment and is part of the revamping of Nordbad as an urban center. The building will contain offices, commercial space, and food outlets, as well as a daycare facility. 

The total area comprises some 6,200 square meters and is bordered by Elisabeth-, Winzerer-, Wormser-, and Schleissheimer Straße. The winning plans for the complex were submitted by Schluchtmann Architects and the landscape architects and city planners liebald+aufermann, both from Munich.

Current project development:

1. Preis: Perspektive

The Creative Quarter

A new residential and commercial district combining art, culture, and science is arising on a 20-hectare space between Dachauer-, Loth-, Schwere-Reiter-, Hess- and Infanteriestraße. Just 2.5 km north-west of Munich’s Old Town (Altstadt), the area is already home to a vibrant art and culture scene, the potential of which, combined with the listed industrial buildings Jutier- and Tonnenhalle, help define the district’s character.

The plan divides the Creative Quarter into four areas (see illustration). The “creative laboratory” area will comprise a diverse mix of players from the cultural and creative scenes, housing, social services, and business and retail. In the southern sector – the “creative platform” – the Munich University of Applied Sciences is expanding its campus, while the startup and innovation center Munich Urban Colab is already operating in the “creative park”, to the south-west of the Tonnenhalle.

More on the Creative Quarter (web page in German).

The Creative Quarter is served by public tansport Tram 20 and 21.

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North Munich

Parkstadt Schwabing, Allach, FIZ Masterplan, Milbertshofen, Moosach, Freimann, Frankfurter Ring, Europark and Ludwigsfelder/Dachauerstreet

München Parkstadt Schwabing Blick von Norden auf die Firmen rechts von der A9 und die Highlight Towers

East Munich

Bogenhausen - Arabellapark, Berg am Laim and Werksviertel, Zamdorf-Steinhausen, Messestadt Riem, Trudering, Neuperlach und Perlach

Blick im Münchner Werksviertel von Balkon des Werk 3 auf das Werk 12 mit den Großbuchstaben

East Munich

Bogenhausen - Arabellapark, Berg am Laim and Werksviertel, Zamdorf-Steinhausen, Messestadt Riem, Trudering, Neuperlach und Perlach

Blick im Münchner Werksviertel von Balkon des Werk 3 auf das Werk 12 mit den Großbuchstaben

South Munich

Mittersendling commercial district and Obersendling commercial district

Die Bestandsgebäude auf dem ehemaligen Siemens-Gebäude. Das Gelände wird von einem Zaun eingefasst.


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