munich business is part of the City of Munich administration and the Department of Labor and Economic Development.

Six specialist areas work together unter munich business umbrella organization, including Department 2 Economic Development, the interdisciplinary Team of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries, as well as colleagues from Department 3 - Municipal Employment Policy and Qualification.


Kurt Kapp
Head of Economic Development, City of Munich
Phone: +49 89 233-22436

Bernhard Eller
Deputy Head of Economic Development, City of Munich
Phone: +49 89 233-25459

Teams and areas (Sachgebiete)

Sachgebiet 1

Representing business interests in the city administration, analyses and legal evaluation, industries: trade, skilled crafts business, film, subject areas city centre and "SME friendly administration".


Allgemeine Wirtschaftsförderung

Antonie Neumaier
Team Leader
Phone: +49 89 233-22067



Branche Einzelhandel

Marie Therese Kröger-Rahn
Trade industry



Sachgebiet 2

Economic analysis and promotion of science & research in Munich, promotion of innovation and digital infrastructure, sustainable technologies, mobility, Munich Urban Colab

Bernhard Eller
Team Leader

Dr. Ursula Triebswetter
Deputy Team Leader, sustainable technologies, innovation manager, Munich Urban Colab

Julia Christiansen
Innovation Manager, Munich Urban Colab

Sandra Dirnberger
Networking for innovation and digitalization

Anna Fischer
Innovation Manager, Munich Urban Colab

Thomas Fischer
Economic analysis, promotion of science & research

Ramona Hempen
Sustainable technologies & zero waste

Roland Hösl
Sustainable technologies, mobility

Frieke Meijer-Schepman (not photographed)
Promotion and networking for innovation

Andrzej Michalski
Sustainable technologies, mobility

Eva Puckner
Economic analysis, promotion and networking for innovation, digital infrastructure

Christian Rothe
Sustainable technologies

Tamy Saurer
Innovation Manager, Munich Urban Colab

Eva Schweigard
Economic analysis, promotion and networking for innovation

Dr. Simone Thomas
Promotion and networking for innovation

Martin Weißenburger
Sustainable technologies

Team Grundlagen der Wirtschaftspolitik

Promotion of Munich as a business location - international business relations, communication, marketing and online communication

Christoph Haider
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233-21627

Katja Schlaug
Deputy Team Leader, marketing and international business relations

Ramona Böhm
International business relations, trade fair appearances e.g. Expo Real, Mipim

Stefanie Fellinger
Marketing and communication

Lily Marsh
Marketing and international business relations

Sandra Metzger
International business relations, trade fair apearances

Katja Riegger
Marketing and communication

The Munich Startup Office is the City of Munich's startup consulting service.

We provide expert, impartial, free support. We promote initiatives to strengthen Munich as a startup location and are committed to impact-focused entrepreneurship. We provide basic information to foreign companies planning to open a branch in Munich.

Antje Fiedler
Team Leader
Phone: +49 89 233-21759

Katrin Kinder
Deputy Team Leader

Helen Duran
Startup consulting, crowdfunding, online and specialized communication |

Sabine Folberth

Petra Frommel
Startup consulting, crowdfunding, online and specialized communication |

Eveline Herre
Startup consulting

Angela Hörmann
Digital Information Service (PSC), special projects

Marie-Louise Rubner
Startup consulting, crowdfunding | Social Entrepreneurship

Alexander Schmidbauer
Startup consulting, crowdfunding, program startup- and technology centers | Spaces for scaleups

Birgit Siepmann
Impact Entrepreneurship and social innovation

Sachgebiet 5

Potential locations for businesses in Munich, identifying sector-specific demand
Commercial space development program, ideas for (business) centers
Industrial park program, commercial space and vacancy management


Andreas Götzendorfer
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233-24642

Robert Rudolph
Deputy Team Leader, Business park management

Regina Böhm

Sophie Grunenberg
Vacancy management

Karin Schillitz

Yannick Schön

Individual support for companies seeking commercial space, looking to modify, relocate or expand their premises or needing approval procedures.

Stefan Murner
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233-27677


Manuel Echter

Jennifer Hähnel

Nazira Rakhmanova

Brigitte Rehm

Franziska Stütz


Department 3 / Municipal Employment Policy and Qualification

Munich Employment and Qualification Program (MBQ)

Dr. Petra Schütt
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233 24795


Sachgebiet 4

  • Transitions to education and employment
  • Advice and information on acquiring employees
  • Advice and information on retaining employees

Bülent Bulut
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233-24536

Serdar Duran
Team Transitions to Education and Employment
Phone +49 89 233-22305

Dr. Magdalena Ziolek-Skrzypczak
International relations and strategy for skilled labor
Phone +49 89 233-21524

Department of Labor and Economic Development/munich business, Department of Culture und Municipal Department

With expertise from three units and itself rooted in the industry, the team offers expert support for cultural professionals and creative businesses, individual free advice, networking and help finding space.

Dr. Olaf Kranz
Team Leader
Phone +49 89 233-28917

Susanne Mitterer
Deputy Team Manager

Britta Buck
Management RUFFINIHAUS Creative Hub, advice and consultation

Kirsten Diebold
Team assistance, communication

Enrica Ferrucci
NEBourhoods Transition Hub Co-Creation Management

Anne Gericke
Interim use of premises, Munich Creative Heartbeat

Eike Immisch

Ioannis Jyftopoulos
Interim use of premises, centers

Magdalena Matzinger
Interim use of premises, Munich Creative Heartbeat

Barbara von Jagow
Fonds innovative kulturelle Zwischennutzungen

Ernst-Peter Kowarik-Strömer
Commercial space

Markus Nitschmann
Advice and consultation

Christina Schepper-Bonnet
Project Leader Creating NEBourhoods

Frank Sollmann
Commercial space

City of Munich - Administration area

Department of Labor and Economic Development

The Department of Labor and Economic Development, headed by Clemens Baumgärtner, is responsible for business development, labor market policy, Europe, investments, tourism and events.