Skilled labor

The focus of the Munich Employment and Qualification Program (MBQ) is to help you acquire and retain new and existing staff.

MBQ services for your company

  • Access to the region’s talent pool via various, innovative advisory and qualification projects in diverse industries
  • Advice and information on acquiring and retaining employees
  • Advice and information on employees in understaffed professions
  • Free participation in job and training fairs in Munich 
  • Recruitment projects from abroad 
  • Welcome culture for international employees
  • Training provision for new and existing staff


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MBQ resources and platforms for international professionals


Munich Startup Employment Report 2023


Munich Startup Employment Report Titel

The first "Munich Startup Employment Report" shows: Munich startups have had an impressive impact on the job market.

City of Munich Innovation Challenge


City of Munich Innovation Challenge

The new call for applications for the innovation competition has started. Startups, entrepreneurs and creative minds can apply until May 15, 2023.

Munich economy - spring report


München Hackerbrücke gespiegelt in einer Glasfassade

Our new edition of 'Munich. The Business Location. 2023 - Facts and Figures' provides a compact overview of Munich's current economic situation and development.