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Companies and commercial space in Sendling

Sendling has long been the most important commercial district in south Munich. The first industrial park arose here at the dawn of the industrial era. The industrial park developed over time into the Obersendling commercial district, home to a broad mix of industries. From the 1950s up to the 1990s, Siemens continuously developed its Hofmannstraße premises, adding administrative, production, R&D, and sales departments or facilities.

Siemens gave up the site as the new millennium began. Thus major development potential was created and still exists for new industries, as part of a larger process to make the district more appealing. Further restructuring has since taken place or is earmarked.


South Munich: Development space for industry and retail (yellow) and offices (red)

Areas currently being transformed or offering development potential can be found to the north of Boschetsrieder Straße in Mittersendling commercial district, as well as in Obersendling commercial district to the south.

Alongside the former premises of Siemens AG, these areas include former industrial sites that once belonged to the cutting machine tools manufacturer Deckel-Maho and the tobacco company Philip Morris.

Districts and plans:

Mittersendling commercial district

To the north of Boschetsrieder Straße, along the S7 railway line (S-Bahn station Mittersendling), you can find the 35-hectare Mittersendling commercial district.

The “Deckelgelände”, now a listed building, is also situated here. This two-story former production hall has been revitalized as a mixed-use building. Housing and commercial space is being built in direct proximity. For example, the FABRIK Office, a new 21,000 m² commercial and office space, is arising to the north of the site.

In the former Philipp Morris production site on Flößergasse you can now find WerkStadt Sendling, a 31,000 m² “ideas factory” with space for offices, businesses and retail, and light production. There is additional potential for loft office space. Near WerkStadt Sendling, in Zielstattstraße, there is a 33,000 m² office complex known as the ZielstattQuartier.

The quarter is home to a diverse range of companies. For example, Vinzenzmurr Vertriebs GmbH has had its headquarters here since the 1970s, comprising production facilities and inter-regional distribution of meat and sausage products. Nanotemper Technologies GmbH, a former LMU spin-off specializing in biophysical characterization tools, is likewise based here. The new SAE Institute Munich media campus as well as the European headquarters of the Japanese pharmaceuticals company Daiichi Sankyo Europe are now located here too. Former startups, such as the software developer KONUX and the cryogenics company kiutra, are also writing the next chapters of their success stories in Mittersendling.

The district is well connected to the public transport network via the S-Bahn station Mittersendling (S7) and the U-Bahn station Obersendling (U3).

Current project developments:

Hausfassade WerkStadt Sendling

Obersendling commercial district

Obersendling commercial district is situated to the south of Boschetsrieder Straße and stretches from Drygalski Allee in the west almost to Colmarer Straße in the east. The approximately 100-hectare site has been undergoing a transformation process in recent years, based on a specially created framework plan.

Originally characterized by traditional industrial structures in close proximity to housing, it is now evolving into a mixed-use district. For example, a private developer is transforming an approximately 5-hectare commercial and industrial site into a new quarter for some 5,000 jobs and 220 apartments.

Ansicht des revitalisierten Hochhauses bei Nacht.

Other revitalization projects include the former “Siemens-Hochhaus” high-rise, which is being converted into a 76,600 m² office complex as part of a project called The Source, and KISS, a 17,000 m² timber hybrid building in Kistlerhofstraße.

The 31,000m² SOuth HOrizon Munich project is already complete. The first steps for the planned restructure of an additional 6.5 hectares of commercial space for mixed use were also taken in late 2023. The investor is currently creating a masterplan for the project.

Well-known Munich companies, including the headquarters and development center of Klüber Lubrication GmbH, Brunata-Metrona, which provides services for heating and water cost calculations throughout Germany, and the biotech company Dynamic Biosensors GmbH are all based here. Many medium-sized companies as well as companies from the automotive and building materials trades still characterize the district.

The city-owned Sendling business park, for SMEs and skilled crafts businesses, also offers commercial space.

The U-Bahn stations Aidenbachstraße and Machtlfingerstraße (both U3) and the S-Bahn station Siemenswerke (S7) connect the area to the public transport network. New tram lines will further improve the connection in the future.

Current project developments:

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