Sustainable business practices

munich business offers companies advisory programs, networks and info events. We can provide you with expert support on the path to lower CO2 emissions, climate neutrality and greater energy efficiency. 

Relevant events

Info initiative on climate-neutral companies

Our info initiative looks at particular opportunities and strategies for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and thus help protect the climate.   

As part of the initiative, we’re offering a series of free web seminars which you can check out individually or collectively.

Would you like regular updates on our info initiatives? Drop us a line and we’ll happily add you to our mailing list.

Advisory program


ÖKOPROFIT is our local advisory program for environmental issues. Munich also coordinates the program on a federal level. The consultations include several modules for companies of various sizes. ÖKOPROFIT is the leading program of its kind in Germany.

It can offer you expert support to reduce your resource consumption, ideally resulting in a win-win situation for both your company and the environment. Participation in ÖKOPROFIT can also help companies attain ISO14001 and/or EMAS certification, or they can use the documentation for their own energy and sustainability management.

The program entails a fee* and is run by external experts.

ÖKOPROFIT for beginners

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Participants: at least 8 companies
  • 5–10 Workshops – depending on company size
  • 3–5 half-day in-company sessions 

We offer additional modules on our ÖKOPROFIT Munich site, such as the ÖKOPROFIT Club and “From ÖKOPROFIT to Energy Audit”. Get in touch if you’re interested, and we’ll keep you informed. The next round of consultations starts in summer 2023.

* The advisory program is aimed at companies based in Munich. Participation is fee-based.

Advisory program


We offer the “münchenklima” advisory program as a starting point for small- and medium-sized enterprises wishing to contribute to climate protection.*

We can help your company create a climate budget showing the emissions resulting from your electricity, heating, fuel, and water consumption.

Then you can get started. Climate protection consultants from the company Arqum GmbH will help you boost your energy efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and plan the steps needed to deliver success.

Program details:

  • expert advice from climate protection specialists
  • creation of an initial climate budget
  • in-company sessions to work out specific climate protection strategies
  • quick and easy data retrieval
  • documentation included as part of the consultation report
  • affordable fee of just €250.00 plus VAT

If you wish to take part in the program you can find the application form and conditions on this web page.

* The advisory program is aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Munich. Participation costs €250.00 plus VAT.


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