Commercial District Management

A tool from munich business and the City of Munich to help ensure that Munich’s commercial districts are fit for the future

What is Commercial District Management?

Our Commercial District Management team deals with core issues relating to the development of existing commercial districts in dialog with local stakeholders, policymakers, and city authorities.

Key individuals and institutions make contact with each other and engage in goal-oriented dialog on both public and private activities, plans, and developments.

We cooperate with relevant partners to ensure that existing commercial districts are fit for the future regarding the evolving needs of companies, their employees, and other stakeholders.

Picture: The focus districts and their locations in Munich

We aim to ensure that Munich’s commercial districts remain appealing, while also exploring and developing new areas of potential.

Our objectives

We want to explore ideas on how to transform the districts. To do so we are putting companies, employees, land and property owners, and local policy representatives in contact with each other. We have to work together to make sure our commercial districts are fit for the future!

Specific steps

  • We work to improve the quality of the districts
  • We help ensure that the concerns of business people are clearly communicated to the city government
  • We provide a platform that we are continually developing
  • We provide information on the City of Munich’s diverse funding strategies
  • We offer support concerning the key business topics of today and tomorrow
Etwa 30 Workshopteilnehmer*innen im Munich Urban Colab

Focus districts

Commercial District Management began as a pilot project in Neumarkter Straße in 2017. Two further focus districts were added in the following years – Perlach Süd and Steinhausen.

Here are a few more details about the individual districts:

This commercial district comprises around 22 hectares and stretches for almost one kilometer in an east-westerly direction between the S-Bahn stations Leuchtenbergring and Berg am Laim.

The district is home to companies of various sizes and from diverse sectors.  Publishing is one major sector.

The businesses located here very much want and need to exchange information and views on the district. The Commercial District Management team holds various events for this purpose. Past events have seen stakeholders from the district network during visits to the Macherei creative hub, or while enjoying drinks during Advent or an aperitif.

The Steinhausen commercial district encompasses approximately 57 hectares between Vogelweideplatz and the curve of the S8 line, parallel to autobahn A94 and the S-Bahn tracks.

Munich residents associate the district with its landmark – the main office of the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. The district is home to players from the production industry and high-end businesses as well as offices. In cooperation with the responsible administrative bodies and department planners, the focus is now on further developing and implementing the framework plan.

Following discussions on the framework plan in February 2022, the development of mobility has become an additional focus in the ongoing evolution of Steinhausen. Enriched by insights from the “Collaborate to Innovate” workshop, the district stakeholders held a new year’s workshop in January 2023 to discuss the future of the commercial district.

Perlach Süd commercial district is approximately 25 hectares in size. It lies to the south of the old village center and the S-Bahn stop Perlach. The district is home to many small and medium-sized companies. Many of these companies have been based in Perlach for decades.

The Perlach Süd district has also been part of the “Creating NEBourhoods Together” project since October 2022. This is one of five lighthouse projects in the EU’s “New European Bauhaus” program. The experience and contacts of the Commercial District Management team have already proved useful in connecting the companies based there with Munich startups. The goal is to jointly develop the outlook for businesses, and in so doing strengthen the district’s economic development.

The Commercial District Management team is currently focusing on these three areas in Munich.

In light of increasing competition for use of commercial space, as well as the growing lack of available space, the City of Munich and munich business consider it essential to organize efficient and sustainable solutions for Munich’s commercial districts.

In the medium term we therefore plan to expand the team’s work to further commercial districts.