Services for social entrepreneurship

Here you can find advice, examples, and organizations that support social entrepreneurship in Munich.

Starting a social enterprise?

Social entrepreneurship refers to business ideas aimed at tackling challenges facing society. In practice this can take many forms. Whether profit-based or non-profit – depending on demand and success, the reality can look very different.

Here we offer some tips and assistance.

Munich and the surrounding region are home to a broad and vibrant mix of grassroots movements, social enterprises, and associations, initiatives and institutions that offer support.

The scene is expanding and there are now various young Munich “impact companies” that have had great success putting socially minded business concepts into practice.

Bei einer Veranstaltung: Publikum mit Referent im Impact Hub Munich

How do I find the community in Munich?

One of our tasks at munich business is to support social entrepreneurship, and we maintain contact with Munich networks and companies in this area.

You can get advice from Munich’s Business Startup Office or the Social Entrepreneurship Academy.

You can also attend events at the Impact Hub Munich or meet like-minded people, for example at Munich student initiatives such as Enactus and CampusforChange, or on the virtual platform Utopia, whose editorial team is based in Munich.

News about social entrepreneurship in Munich

Social entrepreneurship in Munich currently covers a wide spectrum, from Social-Bee (temporary employment agency for refugees), Recup (reusable cup system), and Ohne (packaging-free supermarket) to Fairafrique (chocolate manufacturer that creates jobs in Ghana) and VerbaVoice (communication solutions that include people with impaired hearing).

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