Support for crowdfunding

This program offers a 50 percent grant for all creative services linked to crowdfunding campaigns in Munich.

50 percent grant for creative services

Are you planning a crowdfunding campaign and need help creating a film, logo or text?

From videos, text, logos, and photos to a good story or press work – there are plenty of aspects to consider even before launching a crowdfunding campaign. A professional, creative approach is key to the success of your campaign.

And that’s where we come into play.

The munich businessFörderprogramm Crowdfunding-Kampagne” (“Crowdfunding Campaign Program”) can provide you with funding for all the creative services connected to your campaign, so you can work with professional talent from the word go.


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Background to the program


A grant of up to 50 percent (with a maximum value of €3,000) can be provided for creative services needed to prepare the campaign. The special conditions which applied during the coronavirus pandemic ended on March 31, 2022. The regular funding rate has applied since then.

With this program, munich business wants to support your exciting crowdfunding projects while helping to create work for local cultural and creative practitioners. 


Exactly what form does funding take?

You can receive a grant of up to 50 percent (with a maximum value of €3,000) for creative services your company needs – as long as the work is done by other Munich-based companies or individuals. Services include:

  • photos, videos
  • texts, proofreading, translation
  • visual components such as infographics, logos
  • help with storytelling, communication, PR, social media

You can find more details in our funding guideline and application form.
Our → crowdfunding canvas provides a useful orientation tool.


Your campaign was a success? Get additional funding from Munich Crowd!

In cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse München, we also offer you the chance to combine crowdfunding with conventional loans for new businesses (also known as cofunding). Munich Crowd allows you to get comprehensive advice on the right blend of financing from the Stadtsparkasse.

Crowdfunding is accepted as a funding and marketing tool that proves there is real demand for your idea on the market.

Our platform also provides an overview of local crowdfunding advice and events.

How can you apply?

  1. You can download the application form and funding guideline (both in German) via the links below.
  2. Set up a consultation with the CCI Munich or the Team of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries
  3. Fill in the crowdfunding canvas with key points and bring it to the consultation
  4. Get quotes from service providers
  5. Submit all documents including quotes and confirmation of consultation to us

The program is a service provided by munich business – by our startup team in cooperation with the Team of Excellence #kreativmuenchen.

Contact and downloads

Crowdfunding campaign program FAQs

No. Only self-employed persons and companies based in the City of Munich are eligible.

No. Work may only be commissioned from service providers based in the City of Munich.

No. Support cannot be provided to non-profit social or cultural projects or associations. Only companies and self-employed persons (business or tradespersons) that aim to be profitable and are based in the City of Munich are eligible. You can find full details in the guidelines.

You cannot apply for a second round of funding for the program’s specific focus on creative services for crowdfunding campaigns. This does not affect other forms of entrepreneurial and business funding.


We included this condition to ensure that all those planning to run a campaign have studied the platform guidelines. In some cases you can request confirmation from German platforms in advance. Otherwise, we also accept a self-declaration that your project conforms to the platform guidelines.

Yes. Please include quotes from the service providers you want to commission. It’s important that the quote details the exact service and total price. A quote that only includes an hourly rate but no total cost is not sufficient.

Yes. If the services end up costing less than was calculated, money left over must be paid back. This is also stated precisely in the forms for recording how the funding was spent (Verwendungsnachweis), which we will send you alongside approval for your application.

This information must be submitted no later than six months after obtaining approval. We’ll send you the relevant form together with confirmation of funding approval. The best approach is to submit this information as soon as your campaign is finished and you’ve paid the invoices from your service providers.

Once we have received your full and signed application in writing, we will let you know. We then need at least ten working days to process and assess the application before we can tell you whether we have approved it or not. If we approve your application, you must first sign a declaration of consent and a legal waiver before funding can be provided.

If you need to switch service providers while preparing the campaign, please let us know as soon as possible.

As a rule, you can only commission the service provider once your application has been approved. Please let us know if you are already a step ahead but still want to submit an application.

You can’t launch the project on the platform until you have received approval for your application.
The notification of approval includes a specific approval period.

The notification of approval contains a specific approval period. If this period elapses and the campaign hasn’t got off the ground, the grant must be paid back, as it is intended for this specific purpose and period only.

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