Labor Staber opens new laboratory

The biotech and pharma sector at the Munich-Riem technology park is growing: the diagnostics specialist Labor Staber has opened a new, cutting-edge laboratory.

State-of-the-art laboratory at the Riem technology park

In late February, Dr. Staber & Kollegen GmbH invited guests to the opening of its new laboratory for medical diagnostics. It is one of the most advanced laboratories of its kind in Germany and an important addition to the technology park in Riem.

The site at Paul-Wassermann-Straße 1 is owned by the City of Munich and, following a tender procedure, a 60-year lease was awarded to Dr. Staber & Kollegen GmbH in 2019. Construction of the new lab began in 2020, and it was up and running by the end of 2023.

The lab carries out highly specialized work using the latest analysis methods and technology. It offers a wide range of tests and analysis in areas such as microbiology, cell biology, pathology, transfusion medicine, human genetics, and hygiene.

Official opening of the lab, with Managing Director Dr. Stefan Kopf (left), Klaus Holetschek, CSU parliamentary leader (center) and Sonic Healthcare Germany CEO Evangelos Kotsopoulos (right)

Biotech in east Munich

The new lab is an important addition to the Munich-Riem technology park, which spans some 210 hectares on the site of the former airport. The technology park has expanded continuously in recently years and has become an important location for high-tech companies from sectors including research and development, and life sciences in Munich and Bavaria.

Munich is considered one of the most import biotechnology centers in Germany and Europe as a whole. Numerous companies and research institutions based here work on developing new medication, diagnostic procedures, and therapies.

The new laboratory further strengthens Munich’s role as a biotechnology and medical center.

40 years of expertise

Dr. Staber & Kollegen GmbH has been active in the field of clinical laboratory services for four decades now. The company currently employs around 650 people, of whom almost 100 are specialist doctors, chemists, and other academics from highly diverse areas.

The laboratory group has been a subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Germany GmbH & Co. KG since 2017 and is active throughout Germany, with a total of eight premises nationwide.

The lab interior