Munich annual Economic Report 2022

A concise summary of Munich's annual Economic Report presenting the city's most recent economic figures and output.

Presentation of new report

How is Munich's economy doing after two years of Corona and with the new imponderables brought about by supply bottlenecks and the Ukraine war?

The Annual Economic Report, which is produced annually by munich business, the Munich Economic Development team, provides a concise summary of Munich's current economic figures and output.

"Munich's strength lies not only in a few, but in many industries.This diversity and range is a fundamental precondition for stability. A strong innovation ecosystem is keeping Munich competitive."

Clemens Baumgärtner Head of Labor and Economic Development

About the report

The Annual Economic Report is being published in this form for the 30th time. In 2022, it will again present a comprehensive economic review of Munich as a business location, its various submarkets and most important sectors. The focus of the report is on the year 2021.

However, outlooks and forecasts for the current year are made as far as the data situation allows.