Munich economy spring report

Our brochure ‘Munich. The Business Location. Facts and Figures 2024’ offers insight into current economic developments in the region.

Key economic figures for Munich

Munich’s economy, like the German economy as a whole, faces ongoing economic challenges. However, the latest figures show that on balance Munich’s economy remains strong.

Munich’s economy is not immune to the challenges currently facing the German economy.

A few key points:

  • The unemployment rate for 2023 rose slightly to 4.1 percent. The Bavarian capital continues to enjoy the lowest unemployment rate among major German cities.
  • The number of employees in socially insured jobs rose to 960,000 – a new record high.
  • Information and communications is the most important growth sector.

Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development: “The Bavarian capital is home to strong high-tech and digitalization sectors, and also has a diverse and thriving mix of industries and companies. Munich’s excellent research, innovation and startup scene offers the ideal environment for the region’s ongoing successful economic development.”

Our brochure offers a compact and comprehensive visual overview of the latest trends and developments in Munich’s diverse economy.

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