Munich startups prove to be a job engine

The first "Munich Startup Employment Report" shows: Munich startups have had an impressive impact on the job market.

Munich startups prove to be a job engine

The report examined over 1,000 Munich startups that have been founded since 2009. These created 23,000 jobs in Munich alone. Around half of these are in the mobility, healthcare and enterprise software sectors, followed by the fintech and the energy sector.

The Munich startup ecosystem is characterized by a "flywheel effect”, where the startup ecosystem’s parts and players mutually fertilize and support each other.

"The flywheel is set in motion and has gained an incredible momentum of its
own. Munich startups are a real driving force for jobs.”

Clemens Baumgärtner, Dept. of Labor and Economic Development

Networks motivate new talent

The Munich Startup Employment Report shows further positive effects, thanks to its long observation period. For instance startups founded by former unicorn employees have created more than 7,600 jobs worldwide, 3,300 of them in Munich.

The second and third generation of startup founders are already active, making it clear that Munich's strong network motivates new talent and provides effective support. Munich's universities and large local corporations, for example in the mobility and insurance industries, are also proving to be a good breeding ground for successful future startups.

The Employment Market Report also examined the correlation between venture capital and the number of employees. Hereby was found that, unsurprisingly, companies that were able to raise more capital also have more employees.

Munich, with $20,900 in venture capital funding per employee, is the second most successful location in the German ecosystem after Berlin in terms of venture capital acquisition.

However, it also showed that overall, only about one-third of Munich startups have investors behind them at all. Two-thirds of startups - and 54 percent of all jobs - were created without any venture capital funding, according to the report.

The study also looked at gender differences between founding teams and shows that startups with at least one female founder create an average of 5.9 jobs per million euros invested. This is more than twice as much as for all-male teams.

Other issues the report addresses and examines:

  • Important Munich startups, grownups and scaleups (by sector / by generation)
  • Startup figures for the Munich metropolitan region
  • Job growth in relation to company size
  • Job growth: important industries
  • Job growth: job profile of employees
  • Strategies to counter shortage of skilled workers
  • Number of startup talents from Munich universities / international universities
  • Growth sectors impact and deep tech

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About the report

The "Munich Startup Employment Report 2023" is a study by Munich's official startup portal Munich Startup in cooperation with Dealroom, Europe's leading provider of data on high-growth companies and supported by the Department of Labor and Economic Development / munich business. The data on startup activity provided by Dealroom has been looked at more intensively by Munich Startup since 2009.