New coworking space provider

Munich’s coworking market is highly dynamic. Both large and small spaces are available. Now 1000 Satellites is joining the scene.

Trend towards flexibility

Munich is already a major center for coworking spaces. Various concepts and price models, international brands and successful local companies can meet all requirements. Munich’s coworking market is highly dynamic. Demand is high and major providers compete with one another.

Minimizing risk and staying flexible is the guiding principle for both companies and the self-employed. Against a backdrop of new work trends, remote working, and an uncertain economic outlook, many decide against long-term commitments and prefer to rent spaces for shorter periods and adapt them as required.

If this also reflects your thinking, then we recommend our brochure on coworking spaces (PDF, in German), or our webpage on coworking spaces in Munich.

The following new addition to the scene might also interest you:

New 1000 Satellites coworking space

1000 Satellites is now coming to Munich, after successfully establishing itself in the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

It is no coincidence that the company has chosen Munich, as the region is an ideal fit for its business concept. 1000 Satellites offers companies central and decentral locations i.e. in both the heart of the city and on the outskirts. The aim is to offer coworking spaces close to home, thus creating small “Satellites”.

Experience gained in Rhein-Neckar shows that in a commuter region such as Munich employees want to minimize commuting times. Companies, in turn, appeal to potential employees if they can offer such solutions. The working spaces offered by 1000 Satellites meet company requirements, in line with official German workplace regulations (Arbeitsstättenrichtlinien, ASR).

The first, decentral 1000 Satellites location is already up and running in Gilching. Three additional Satellites are planned for the first quarter of this year: in “The Malt” in Allach, in the Schwanthalerhöhe district in the center of Munich, and first of all in “SOHO” (SOuth HOrizon) in Obersendling.

Opening of Satellite SOHO

Are you interested? 1000 Satellites invites you to the opening day of its first coworking space in the City of Munich. You’ll have the chance to explore the space and discover the concept.

Opening of Satellite SOHO in SOuth HOrizon in Obersendling

Thursday, February 8, 2024 from 4 p.m.

Satellite SOHO, Koppstraße 12, 81379 Munich


4 p.m.: Doors open

4:30 p.m.: Welcome address by 1000 Satellites, brief introduction to the space            

5 p.m.: Moderated panel discussion (in German) on the topic “Tomorrow’s workspace in the Munich Metropolitan Region – which models truly create added value?” with, among others, representatives from the construction company and the management of 1000 Satellites

5:30 p.m.: Tours of SOuth HOrizon

6.15 p.m.: Networking and socializing