Die Hochhäuser Bavaria Towers in München, genannt auch Bogenhauser Tor, im Abendlicht

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Developers and investors

The Munich region is renowned throughout Europe as an excellent location for development and investment. The market for commercial space for high-quality projects is characterized by consistently strong demand.

Forward-looking investments

munich business helps companies find suitable commercial locations and take the necessary steps to establish their business in the region. We offer expert guidance on commercial property and infrastructure and your particular sector.

Investments outside the city center are also an attractive proposition thanks to a large commercial property market, an excellent transport network, and Munich’s diverse range of expanding industries. Newly established commercial locations such as those at Parkstadt Schwabing, Moosach and Obersendling are also seeing plenty of interest from institutional investors.

Tailored to your needs: our info and services

  • Startups and new business

    Munich’s startup scene benefits from a tried-and-true network of successful major corporations, established startups, and an excellent university and research environment full of outstanding minds and institutional supporters.

    Gründer- und Innovationszentrum
  • Economic data and analysis

    Munich’s Economic Development Department publishes various brochures, presentations and info folders on Munich as a business location, as well as on various sectors, clusters, and programs.

    Türme der Frauenkirche spiegeln sich in einer Fassade
  • Climate protection and resources

    The city of Munich is pursuing the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2035. Companies are therefore receiving support to transform their energy supply and rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. The focus is also on environmentally friendly resource consumption.

    Zwei Hände halten eine Weltkugel mit Hochhäusern, PV-Paneelen und Windrädern
  • Commercial District Management

    A tool from munich business and the City of Munich to help ensure that Munich’s commercial districts are fit for the future

    Grafik mit Verortung der drei Pilotgebiete in Münchenumriss
  • Commercial space and locations

    In Munich’s inner city and adjoining areas intensive construction of commercial property and locations is ongoing. Some districts have already been modernized. Others are being expanded, given a facelift or a fully new character thanks to prominent architecture.

    Highlight-Towers mit Bergen
  • Munich as a business location

    The City of Munich and its surrounding districts make up one of Europe’s most dynamic economic regions.

    Blick auf das Münchner Werksviertel mit einigen Gebäuden noch im Bau und im Hintergrund die Bergkette bei Fön
  • Spaces for startups and scaleups

    With the program, munich business pursues strategic projects that improve and supplement the supply of suitable space for startups and scaleups.

    Treppenaufgang im Munich Urban Colab mit hängender Skulptur

News on Munich as a business location

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Brücke über die Schwanthalerstraße

Our brochure ‘Munich. The Business Location. Facts and Figures 2024’ offers insight into current economic developments in the region.

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Titel des Immobilien-Marktbericht Müchen - Real Estate Market Report Munich

Newly published: Our publication is showing current trends and developments of the industry in Munich.

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neues Bürogebäude South Horizon, grafische Darstellung Fassade und Stadtleben

Munich’s coworking market is highly dynamic. Both large and small spaces are available. Now 1000 Satellites is joining the scene.