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Expats and employees

Munich’s labor market needs employees in both innovative and long-established occupations. At the same time, Munich is Germany’s most international city. Numerous expats live here and the city is brimming with opportunities for international workers.

Supporting your professional prospects

Which sectors in Munich are seeking employees and offer good prospects? What kinds of qualifications are in demand and where can I obtain them? How do I get recognition for my foreign qualifications? And where can I establish international contacts or link up with a specific community in Munich?

The City of Munich offers various points of contact and information to help you launch or further develop your career.

Tailored to your needs: our info and services

  • Coworking Spaces

    A large number of coworking spaces can be found in Munich. Here you can quickly get an overview - by map or list.

    Karte der Münchner Coworking Spaces
  • #kreativmuenchen

    The Team of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries, in short #kreativmuenchen, is the first point of contact for all creative and cultural practitioners in Munich.

    2 Personen im Beratungsgespräch beim Kompetenzteam für die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft
  • Services for social entrepreneurship

    Here you can find advice, examples, and organizations that support social entrepreneurship in Munich.

    Bei einer Veranstaltung: Publikum mit Referent im Impact Hub Munich
  • Official startup platform

    What’s new on Munich’s startup scene? What events should entrepreneurs take note of? You can find the answers to these and other questions on MUNICH STARTUP, the city’s official startup platform!

    Munich Startup
  • Startups and new business

    Munich’s startup scene benefits from a tried-and-true network of successful major corporations, established startups, and an excellent university and research environment full of outstanding minds and institutional supporters.

    Gründer- und Innovationszentrum
  • Impact Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

    We are your point of contact for the topic of impact entrepreneurship and social innovation.

    Gruppe von Menschen im Gespräch
  • Expat communities

    Munich is home to sizeable international communities and many international companies. New foreign residents therefore find it easy to make contact.

    expat communities
  • Information event "How to start a business"

    Take advantage of our two-hour online info session to get a concise overview of all the important startup topics.

    Foto eines Notebook-Bildschirms mit 4 Gesichtern, Kamera blickt einem weiteren Teilnehmer oder Teilnehmerin über die Schulte
  • Industries

    Munich has a particularly diversified mix of all important economic sectors. In the following, we would like to present a selection that is particularly in focus.

    Tanks und Installationen einer Brauerei
  • Support for crowdfunding

    This program offers a 50 percent grant for all creative services linked to crowdfunding campaigns in Munich.

    zwei Männer und zwei Frauen sitzen an einem Tisch und hören der einen Frau zu, die spricht

News for professionals and talents

WiWo City Ranking 2023: Munich in front


Stadtansicht Marienplatz am Abend mit Frauenkirche und Rathaus

The City of Munich achieved first place in the ranking for the 20th consecutive time and remains the clear national leader despite the success of other cities.

All major tech players in Munich


Front des Bürokomplexes Campus Neue Balan 73 mit den charakteristischen weißen Trägern

Meta, one of the world’s five largest tech companies, is joining the line-up in Munich. Find out more.

Munich Startup Employment Report 2023


Munich Startup Employment Report Titel

The first "Munich Startup Employment Report" shows: Munich startups have had an impressive impact on the job market.